To safeguard a child is the process of protecting them from forms of harm such as physical abuse, neglect and exploitation. But as well as actual abuse it’s reducing the risk in everyday life which could impact on their health and safety. It’s considering things such as:

  1. The safety in the home, hazards, pets, medication etc
  2. Supervision when at home and when out
  3. Meeting physical, social and emotional basic needs such as meals, personal care, emotional warmth and affection and play opportunities.
  4. Personal safety for the child, teaching road safety, stranger danger and knowing who the children have contact with outside of the home.

Safeguarding helps ensure children get to live in safe and secure environments allowing them to grow and develop to their full potential and to have the best possible chances in life, forming good attachments and making healthy relationships.

Brighton Nanny

Working with children under the age of 18 there is a high probability the nanny has a legal duty to safeguard the child’s well-being. It is essential to have knowledge of safeguarding and how to report a concern; it is the responsibility of the nanny to be up to date with safeguarding legislation and to know their role as the lead safeguarding professional for the children they are caring for.

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