Supporting families so children can flourish

Parenting is joyous and rewarding beyond belief.

But it's tough too; we feel despair, guilt and at times it gets scary.

As parents we can all use some help and support. As much fun as they bring us, babies and toddlers are, well, just plain exhausting!

Maybe you need more sleep, to visit a sick relative, to finish that report. Maybe you just want a friendly face to help being a mum feel easier.

That's why I set up Stella Childcare - to make life easier for families with babies and small children.

I believe in a holistic approach. Childcare isn't just about looking after kids; the family needs support too, so the children can flourish.

That need for support is very different for different families and, of course, it changes as your child grows. So the support we offer is flexible and will reflect your needs - whether that is a full-time nanny or just some ad-hoc support to fill in the gaps so you can get back to work.

I gained my first childcare qualification 20 years ago and I've never looked back. I've been a maternity nurse, a nanny and worked as a deputy manager of a pre-school (2-4 year-olds).

Watching babies and then children develop at their own pace, finding their own interests, watch their excitement of discovery, independence and confidence progress has been a pleasure but being able to support the family as a unit to create an environment and offer guidance on their journey of raising a family has been an honour.

Whilst on my professional journey I have been raising my own three children. They're teenagers now (ouch!)

I know professionally I can give families the tools to get through tough times so they can enjoy the rewards. I've created Stella childcare to combine my professional experience with my experience as a mummy.

I'd love to talk to you about how we can help you - please get in touch to chat

Photo of Hannah Clayson from Stella childcare agency holding a baby
Hannah in her element!

"I was immediately taken with Hannah, her natural maternal approach, which is not invasive or overwhelming but gentle and encouraging"
Shakira Talbot

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