With this childcare agency I am trying to create a service that supports parents to parent!

I am a mum of three, now teenagers. I know the feeling of, ‘ am I doing this right’, ‘ can I do it’, ‘ can I get there on time’, ‘ I feel like I’m possibly the worst parent ever right now’, very well.

I love Children, their innocence, excitement, energy and inquisitiveness. I want to provide excellent childcare which isn’t just needed by parents but also giving the child a great experience.

None of us want to feel the guilt of leaving them temporarily so let’s make sure its something to look forward to.

Not only do I want to provide great childcare but I want to build a network of support and knowledge. A safe, reassuring drop-in where information and advice is offered, a hug ready and tears very welcome.
Equally our workshops offering the tools to make the impossible feel possible.

Personally whilst raising my children I have needed similar support and found nowhere to turn. Leaving me feeling isolated and unsure how to move forward. I hope to avoid other people feeling like that.

No judgements made or negative opinions welcome.

Like my mum said to us ‘ if you can’t say anything nice ( or helpful) then don’t say anything at all’

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