Sleep Consultant Sofie Petts-Sabine

Tired and frustrated when it comes to sleep and your children? This workshop could help your whole family sleep better.

Sleep workshop 0-6 months

What to expect for your baby’s sleep & how to set a healthy sleep foundation

The information available to parents on infant sleep is vast and often conflicting. In this interactive workshop you’ll learn the key fundamentals on your baby’s sleep and take away actions to help you build a healthy, age appropriate sleep foundation.

We’ll be discussing these key topics:

  • What’s typical month on month?
  • How to read and respond to your baby’s sleep needs
  • The ideal sleep environment
  • How personality affects sleep
  • The dreaded 4 month sleep regression!
  • Q&A session

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Toddler Sleep Workshop

Congratulations, you’ve survived the first year and your baby is now a toddler! This milestone often signals the return to work for Mum, the arrival of a sibling or the desire for more independence from you little one and perhaps you.

This exciting and busy new phase can lead many families to feel their child is ready to night wean or perhaps fall asleep without relying on Mum to feed to sleep but are unsure how to approach this without hours of tears and upset for everyone.

In this jam packed, action based workshop you’ll learn:

  • What you can expect sleep wise from your toddler
  • The tools to smoothly handle the transition down to one nap
  • Successfully managing the tricky 18 month sleep regression
  • How to move away from feeding to sleep, rocking, hand holding etc and sensitively teach your toddler independent sleep skills
  • Gentle night weaning strategies

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Date: 15 January
Time: 1-2pm

The Villas, 21–23 Clarendon Villas, Hove, BN3 3RE

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