In any new job we start, we receive training. We are shown what to do and we have someone on hand to ask if we are unsure about something.

Not having a baby or raising children though. You are assumed to know instantly what to do even if you have never come within 10 feet of a baby or child.

This is why we have a maternity nurse. A maternity nurse will arrive at your home once the baby is here. They will give you knowledge, confidence and tools over those first eight weeks to get the hang of things. They will show you sleep/ feed etc  cues as well as establishing good sleep associations and self-settling ( which is really important for great, independent sleep for later on).

They will also give you time to recover, take care of yourself and have plenty of time for respite.

A maternity nurse can work 24/6 but lots of maternity nurses also offer bespoke packages to make it affordable.

After the initial 8 weeks of feeding being established, getting to know your baby and finding your way on your new journey, they can start to establish a routine and prepare you for the next stage.

maternity nurse Brighton
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